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I'm not yours, I'm not his, I'm not anyone's. I'm free to be me, and if you don't like that, well I don't particularly care.
"I am who I am. No excuses"
Klaroline. Stydia. Queen Beyonce. One Tree Hill. The O.C. Snuggly jumpers. Warm days. Life.
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Swarkles + Tumblr (part ??)

I added some more ….

I was told that last year a man had to leave because my language was ‘unladylike.’ I got one thing to say to that.
Go fuck yourself, in the ass, without any lube.

Kim Rhodes being a goddess at Torcon (via benedizzle-cumberwubwubwub)


Chuck Bass is a romantic. Who knew?

One day, you realise that there are some people you’ll never see again. At least, not in the same way.

I Wrote This For You (via milkfroth)

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Today my English teacher was acting grumpy and halfway through class she sighed and said “I’m sorry I’m cranky today guys, I just keep thinking about the How I Met Your Mother finale”

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